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        Home appliance "dyeing" green design from the beginning

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           The notion of green home appliance has a long history, however, about what is the green home appliance, but not an exact definition. In a 2015 world green design points on the BBS BBS green home appliance, some experts pointed out that the green color should not be only on saving energy and reducing consumption of household appliances, should also be reflected in the consumer in the process of using the product has a comfortable experience, and can live in harmony with the environment. And it all starts with the green design & ndash; & ndash;

            Green design To promote

           “Design is the soul of the industry, to truly promote energy conservation and environmental protection design must be based on green design. Throughout the &; Secretary general of the China home appliance association dong-sheng xu said, dominated by the association of Chinese home appliance industry in the map to determine the total body of target, the promotion of the green level of the main electrical appliances product, as the electrical appliances product primary measures for energy conservation and environmental protection is close to the international advanced level. China home appliance association attaches great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection in promoting the green design home appliance industry and the important role of industry transformation, and actively advocate green design, the association issued by the China home appliance technology conference held by the appliance of science, regarded as the important content of green design. The development of green design needs to be a attaches great importance to the parties


         Swiss top 10 energy conservation center huber, director of the department that green design should be began in the early stage of the product and need to various agencies and companies to work together to complete. And on the need to achieve this goal, the state set the threshold of the green products for the enterprise and the target, and through a variety of means to promote the promotion of green product design

           Green home appliances products necessarily energy saving. Energy efficiency standards for home appliances not only set up a green energy saving level threshold, and set goals for the green development of products. Huber said that at present our country residents consumption accounts for the 13% to 14% of the world, with the continuous improvement of quality of life, the proportion will rise by 20% to 20%. As a result, improve the electrical appliances product is a kind of low cost, high efficiency of energy efficiency way of energy conservation and emissions reduction. & other; Our research results show that the manufacturers to improve the product efficiency is closely related to the national standard. Chinese manufacturers have the ability to actually make the energy efficiency products to further improve the level of energy efficiency, but the lack of long-term incentive system of machine for super efficient product. This needs the government, the third party agencies and the media of ultra-high energy efficiency products and the latest energy-saving technologies give more attention and push;

          It is understood that since the March 2005 in the paste of refrigerator and air conditioning products, since the energy efficiency label labeled with expanding the scope of the energy efficiency label products, some products but also efficiency standards after several revisions, the threshold of energy efficiency. On May 15, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the standardization management committee jointly issued the "domestic instantaneous gas water heaters and gas hot water heating stove limited value of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grade new mandatory national standards, the new standard since June 1, 2016. Days ago, the reporter learns from the Chinese electrical appliances association, refrigerator new energy efficiency standards have also been completed finalized at the moment。

            绿色标准 应关注消费者使用习惯

           In addition to energy saving, green home appliance also mean more in line with the habits of consumers. International standard logo cooperation organization (CLASP) survey, the Chinese consumer appliances used in the practical life habits and test method of national standard. Test in the refrigerator is in full load condition, for example, and in the life most of the household refrigerator was only 70%, and has a lot to do with the actual power consumption and switch the door number. Because of this, the CLASP China project manager sunny lee believes that in formulating the energy efficiency standards, should be more consideration to consumer habits

          ChengJianHong, a researcher at the Chinese institute of standardization is introduced, the research in the 1980 s began to study and formulate standards of energy efficiency, at present, China's energy efficiency standards covering the range of products has been in the countries of the world's first, efficiency standards developed method adopts the international advanced engineering economic analysis, a lot of market research and test verification, the level of energy efficiency standards at the international leading level on the whole. But due to the current energy efficiency standards is mainly based on the laboratory data, and a big gap between the actual situation of the consumer to use electricity, so in recent years the standard system revision work will consider the combination of consumer habits, so that more scientifically guiding consumer spending

          The reporter understands, already finalized the new refrigerator can effect the standard in the revision of the test method, it embodies the principle of the revised. China academy of household electrical appliances major appliances division minister Cai Ning, said the new standard test environment condition changed from 25 ℃ to under 16 ℃ and 32 ℃ don't test points, the final weighted calculation in power consumption, not only for more detailed power consumption calculation, especially for air-cooled refrigerator, to avoid the current standards of possible power cycle in no frost, measured the amount of electricity is more close to the real power consumption

          In addition, the new standard also added loads test link to open the door. The reporter understands, this is known as open closed detection test method which exists in the standards revision for discussion. The test load from the new IEC standard for test. Open the door in the process of loading test is in the refrigerator test load thermal load, closing test power consumption change test again, only one time closing process. In the IEC standard, this is an optional test. The refrigerator energy efficiency standards in China wants to increase & other; Open closed throughout the test &; But need to open close the door for many times, by simulating the actual usage of the user, so that more close to the users of the actual testing data of energy consumption when using refrigerator. But many companies worry that in the actual operation process, such as measuring tools, test site, testing methods, caused certain error. In the later quality spot checks, product test results and the marking value may exist between the larger error。

          It is understood that has just been released new energy efficiency standards of gas water heater also made corresponding adjustments. For example, consumers in the actual use of the water heater burning gas path, due to factors such as water, fire, temperature, would affect the thermal efficiency of actual use. This makes with the thermal efficiency of values to define energy efficiency level, is not very accurate. To this end, the new standard of energy efficiency indicators Changed from the original fixed a limit to only limited the larger value of thermal efficiency these two values smaller limit and lower limit value

            绿色制造 就是以人为中心

          Said to green, people's first concern is one of the characteristics of products, such as saving energy and environmental aspects, but the Chinese standardization institute of standardization, director of the center for ergonomics Zhao Chaoyi argues that green products should be more in line with the consumer habits, comfort is also higher

           Is not working! Consumers often use this phrase is not very specific evaluation refused to enterprise provide products. Button is not working, the switch of door is not convenient, screen rotation is too highly inappropriate and knob set for details Meter does not reach the designated position caused by product use experience, to the enterprise brand image, product sales promotion is a big damage. In recent years, home appliance manufacturing enterprises pay more and more attention to in the product in the link of industrial design. However, the lack of system science theory basis and data collection, analysis and study of the human characteristics, let the so-called humanized design lack of support, is not enough.

        & other; The core of the human ergonomics is people-centric to design, to review. Throughout the &; Zhao Chaoyi introduction, this subject is to study in a work environment of anatomy, physiology, psychology and other factors, interaction of human and machine and environment, research in different applications such as work, family and leisure environment, how to unified consider work efficiency and the factors such as people's health, safety, comfort, to the optimization. < br / > < br / > Zhao Chaoyi argues that, with the progress of technology, the function of home appliance is becoming more and more intelligent level is higher and higher, but the product homogeneity is more and more serious. At the same time, the home appliance industry has entered the era of user experience, customers are willing to pay for a better user experience; So, can let the user's work and life more healthy, comfortable, safe, efficient products, to win in the competition in the production. < br / > < br / > According to introducing, the home appliance product ergonomics research mainly includes the appearance of product structure and the modelling whether accord with human body size, with some people's operation habit; Whether the display unit and match human visual, hearing, touch, Operating unit match and hands, feet, and the body; Whether work program match with people's operation habit and cognitive habits and environment in the process of product use comfortable, etc. Examples of Zhao Chao said, such as through the test range, air conditioning remote control with thumb when sleep how to adapt to temperature changes, the structure of the washing machine and the suitability of body height, etc., can be found most conforms to the Chinese habits, comfort the highest product design. < br / > < br / > & other; According to the user's operation habit and cognitive habit to intelligent product design, makes the user feel the existence of the function, is the best design. Throughout the &; Zhao Chaoyi, according to the center of this year's research topic is intelligent refrigerator and air conditioning products of human ergonomics standards

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