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        Cross-border new tax system, electrical appliances will become electrical layout of center of gravity

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          In April, three ministries jointly issued by the import tax policies on cross-border e-commerce retail notice introduction, according to the new rules, food, health care products, maternal and infant, commodity import costs will rise sharply, from basic shall be exempted from the past to now pay cross-border tax, 11.9% of the shopping price "zero tax era" to the end, for the main maternal and child class of cross-border goods electricity, it is a blow, because now this kind of electrical contractor net margins are rarely more than 10%, almost no longer has the price advantage of cross-border purchase will face shuffle. New Deal in the increase of commodity tax at the same time, however, will also reduce the amount is more than 100 yuan of cosmetics, and spending more than $250 worth of electronics, taxes on goods such as clothing, watches, bicycles, home appliances products, in particular, are becoming the center of gravity electricity active layout. The sixth China home appliances online peak BBS published in 2015, the Chinese electrical appliances online analysis report, according to a 2015 B2C electrical appliances online shopping market in China (including mobile terminal) scale hit a record high, up to 300.7 billion yuan, up 49% from a year earlier. Sales of 300.7 billion yuan scale is mainly composed of all electricity, 86.2 billion yuan (including flat TV refrigerator, air conditioning 19.5 billion yuan, 38.9 billion yuan, 15.1 billion yuan to 12.7 billion yuan, washing machine), small home appliance of 46.5 billion yuan, and mobile terminal products such as mobile phones and tablets of about 168 billion yuan. From the point of open data, electrical home appliances online shopping is become the main power of the home appliance retail market, with the electricity for the layout of the high-end home appliance products in recent years, push the high-end home appliance products to upgrade. Su Ningyun this year at the beginning of march, gome online and jingdong strategy conference held on the same day 2016 platform for home appliance field on show for the fierce competition situation, suning to restore the cooperation with gree, after throw 20 million item of itt, and launched the first air conditioning installation services in the country to the free activity; Gome's "you lose" earn enough consumers eyeball; Jingdong is offline store layout, and puts forward a "strategic cooperation brand three years contract point" does not go up, and will be open platform big data to the manufacturer. Electric business platform for electrical appliances product TOP5 sell like hot cakes Is not only a strategic conference held, and a few big electricity giant also are increasing their investment in the rural market. Jingdong will continue to promote the development of "the help" outside the market will also be based on villages and towns "jingdong home appliance stores", to perfect the jingdong electrical appliances in the countryside, warehousing, distribution, installation and other services, customers can also get financial support from the store. Jingdong appliances also joint the China household electrical appliances research institute and the China electronics technology group co., LTD. The third research, launched "home appliance to buy index" to improve the online experience. 闫小兵 said, rural market of household appliances sales growth is far above the city, the rural consumer pursuit of quality of life more and more high, to not just need the small home appliance is also a surge in demand. Since the end of 2014, jingdong open jingdong help sites in cities at the county level, has over 1300, is mainly used in the town of city logistics distribution, installation, after-sales maintenance and marketing. Su Ningyun Hou Enlong publicly disclosed the COO, su ning in the future will be in three level 4 new market, bought 1500 Su Ningyi stores nationwide 1/4 of villages and towns, predicts the end of the year Su Ningyi purchase the total number of stores will reach 2500. Jingdong and suning earnings reports have been published in 2015, one of jingdong results show that in 2015, its net income for 181.3 billion yuan, up 58% from a year earlier, belong to common shareholders net loss of 9.4 billion yuan. And Su Ningyun, 2015 annual business income is 135.676 billion yuan, increased by 24.56%, compared to the same net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 872 million yuan, increased 0.60% year-on-year. Last year, suning online trading platform goods total 50.275 billion yuan, up 94.93% from a year earlier, the mobile terminal on the order quantity is busy overall ratio to 60%, electrical business high speed increases Long become one of the core driver Su Ningyun dealer lift performance. Can be seen from the results, the electricity business enterprise does not reduce to the requirement of expansion and profit, for the attention of the electrical appliances product is based on this, a new channel for home appliances enterprises into the development of fast track again, while the implementation of the reform of the supply side can drive home appliance industry in the current economic environment to realize the transformation and upgrading. China is growing as global home appliance manufacturing center, however, high inventory, price war has already become the shackles of affecting the development of China's home appliance industry in recent years, along with the Internet for the deconstruction of the industry, the traditional mode and experience is failing, both electric business platform and home appliance enterprises need to conform to the characteristics of the mobile Internet era, the attention of the electric business platform for electrical appliances product, can help for the construction of the age of the Internet channel access, for the new opportunity for the industry is broken, and home appliance enterprise deep roots will provide guarantee for electricity enterprise expansion, in 2016 the performance of the electric business platform especially worth waiting for

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