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        Appliances included in the direct marketing category is happy is sorrow?

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          Appliances, direct marketing, the two together the key words, what happens? Recently, the ministry of commerce and state administration for industry and commerce announcement no. 7, 2016 file about scope of direct selling products, household appliances are included in the scope of direct selling products in categories. The existing marketing category including cosmetics, cleaning supplies, health food, health care equipment, small kitchen utensils and appliances. Through the survey found, while most of the electrical appliances enterprise all don't understand the operation mode of direct selling enterprises don't know how to "brand, how to run, but these companies agree that for a weak electrical appliances industry in recent years, the direct selling is a breakthrough point, hope to have new patterns and channels can reverse current electrical appliances industry. Currently, there is no more details about electrical appliances direct selling. But there is no doubt that the household appliances are on direct selling category, new opportunities will inevitably brings to the direct selling industry and industry development, and a lot of direct selling enterprises will enter the home appliance industry, this will bring a big challenge for the traditional home appliance enterprises. Reading: electrical appliances into the field of direct selling, the most direct impact, may be some small and medium-sized direct selling enterprises in order to expand the home appliances category may entrust some electrical appliances factory to processing production, may bring the existing home appliances enterprises a new growth point. Another aspect, the traditional home appliance enterprise marketing mode change, take the direct sales model, can better promote home appliance enterprise business, in product development, marketing management, personnel training and so on. However, direct selling will also bring huge challenges, the first is the direct selling industry don't understand, because of the direct marketing talents loss and there may be some direct selling enterprises to join the home appliance sales, so the traditional home appliance industry competition will be further intensified, transfer type is a difficult road. Compared with other direct marketing products, electrical home appliances products, however, more complex, especially in after-sales service, such as delivery, installation and maintenance of household appliances, this special electrical appliances direct sales model must also solve the problem of good after-sale maintenance personnel. So, for home appliance enterprise, how to make direct sales model play a real value, the impetus of the development of home appliance industry air port, also need a good study. In fact, some direct selling enterprises, including amway, perfect, etc., have small home appliance field layout of health. From this perspective, perhaps this will accelerate the direct selling enterprises to enter the Chinese home appliance field.

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