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        And use and treasure! Small make up recommend to make your home appliance more durable

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        Most users when buying appliances, certainly hope that buy home appliance service life can be as long as possible (believe no wonderful work very boring every day if home appliances discarded as soon as possible!). This in addition to choose to buy a quality assurance brand, maintenance can prolong the service life of electrical appliances. Today, we will share together to make home appliances more durable little secret, don't ask who am I, please call me comrade lei feng! The refrigerator maintenance When the choose and buy a refrigerator, no one will want to everlasting or used to have, but the life of a refrigerator to also want to at least ten years, only people more in line with the expectations of the heart. So, want to refrigerator durable for a long time, will know how the refrigerator maintenance! The refrigerator should not be too full, should leave proper space, for the air conditioning to penetrate all goods. In addition, the refrigerator regularly disinfected. 3-4 weeks to wipe with diluted bleach water or 0.1% potassium permanganate, regularly clean refrigerator at the same time, including the board layer, especially the filter, this is often the accumulation of dirt and germs. Refrigerator maintenance should pay attention to maintenance 1, always clean up the back of a refrigerator or at the bottom of the condenser and compressor dust. Can use a vacuum cleaner or brush dust removal. Be careful not to use wet cloth to wipe the cooler and dust on the compressor. 2, refrigerator were deactivated for a long time, should be cut off the power and take out all the food in the oven, clean up the inside and outside the box, the door is open for days, making fully dry and melted away in the refrigerator of peculiar smell. 3, check the drainage pipe. If the drain plug, water will leak into the refrigerator. The drain to wire tong tong, removing the product on the drain. 4, don't ignore the door sealing strip cleaning, use bleach water diluted 10 times with toothbrush dipped in wet cleaning, the last water will be rushed to bleach. Strip smudgy aging, can affect the refrigerator of sealing, increase power consumption. 5, check the vibration, noise, and the temperature of the compressor. Touch in the operation of the compressor shell, should not have obvious vibration sense, should not hear the sound of the compressor start obviously during the day. 6, pay attention to check whether there is a crack on the power cord, prevent leakage. 7. With warm water or neutral detergent refrigerator inside and outside to clean and dry, open the refrigerator door ventilated dry day. Only regular proper maintenance can prolong the service life of the refrigerator, but it is worth to remind is in the maintenance of the refrigerator, be sure to unplug the power plug! In order to ensure their own safety. The washing machine maintenance Washing machine as people daily life indispensable as household appliances, it brings a lot of convenient, greatly reduces the labor of mankind. Because of frequent utilization rate, so the washing machine also need our more for regular maintenance. Washing dryer machine maintenance is very important, if the motor has the problem, will lead to problems such as poor laundry, noise, power, working for a long time, in order to the washing machine when it's necessary for motor lubrication and maintenance, need is main bearing and gear lubrication, bearing should be the oil injection hole injection abrasion resistance and anti oxidation stability good anti-rust antioxidant lubricating oil. In addition, when depositing washing machine must choose steady ventilated place. In northern areas in China, may sometimes occur the inlet pipe of the washing machine is icy phenomenon, caused by washing machine cannot fill. To avoid washing machine is frozen, it need to be washed once clothes after the water is dry, first close the faucet, the time is to feed line from the faucets on down, and then start the washing machine dehydration and single drainage procedures, the water from a water inlet pipe, the discharge of residual water drainage pump, so the washing machine will not be frozen. The washing machine should pay attention to the maintenance 1, washing machine control panel, and close to the plug part, should try to keep dry. If leakage occurs, is a wire part has been damaged, shall be immediately to repair. Grounding line cannot pick up on the gas tank or gas tube, lest produce risk. 2, each time after washing the clothes, cleaning the wire crumbs filter and shell, but do not use hard brush, household cleanser, volatile solvent to clean the washing machine, also don't spray volatile chemicals such as pesticides, in order to avoid the washing machine is damaged. 3, the long-term use of washing machine, water injection were choked up with dirt easily, reduce water speed, therefore must clean up, so as not to cause bad feed or malfunction. 4, every one to two months to check the washing machine base floor MATS. 5, don't let groove dry wash tank open regularly, in order to prevent the propagation of mold. 6, in the long-term when not in use the washing machine should be pulled the plug. 7, washing machine, please do not close to the gas stove, lit cigarettes and candle do not close to the washing machine. 8, if wash clothes stained with volatile solvent, do not put into the washing machine, in order to prevent the outbreak of fire or gas. Pocket any laundry, please remove the matches, COINS and other items, and the zipper on the dress, in order to prevent damage of the sink.

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